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Many employers offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to employees and their family members for short term mental health and chemical dependency counseling. Typically, your employer has a program set up with a local carrier where you would receive anywhere from 3-8 counseling sessions free of cost to you. If additional counseling is needed after your visits are used, you should be able to utilize your primary insurance benefits.

Employee Assistance Programs


Participating Insurance and EAP Providers


Please contact our office at 330.650.4423 or email us for an updated listing of participating insurance and EAP providers. Our office staff can also check your mental health benefits to find out your co-pay and any deductibles that need to be met.

Outpatient counseling services are covered under most health insurance plans. Please check with your insurance company to ascertain the amount of coverage for mental health services, pre-authorizations and co-payments if your health insurance is a managed care plan, and any deductible that must first be satisfied. If your insurance requires a prior authorization, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company prior to the first visit.


Lora Hoffstetter and Counseling Associates, LLC accepts health insurance coverage as well as self-payment for counseling services. Payment in full for self-payment clients or insurance co-payment, if applicable, is expected at each visit.


There are advantages and disadvantages to using the health insurance option or the self-payment option. Self-pay offers confidentiality, within legal limits. The choice of practitioner, and duration and type of treatment is preserved. No treatment records are released unless you instruct us in writing to do so, or as otherwise required by law. However, a higher out-of-pocket cost is incurred with the self pay option, although this may be tax deductible. The health insurance option may lower out-of-pocket costs, but it can also provide fewer choices and may provide confidentiality issues for some.


We accept cash, personal checks, and most major credit cards. We are also equipped to electronically submit insurance claims for you. Payment installment plan requests can be negotiated.


Call today for more information on our self-pay rates for counseling and academic services.

Cost and Insurance

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